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T-DOT (Telematics-Diagnostics Onboard Trailer). Telematic unit specially designed for trailer. It is a sealed unit (IP67), equipped with diagnostics options on EBS systems and cooling systems. Among the connectivity options are GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and CAN. It also has interfaces for diagnostics through CAN, RS-232 and K-line. It features an internal battery to prevent data loss and maintain the connection with the server when disconnecting the trailer. It also enables the configuration of analogue and/or digital inputs to monitor specific indicators of each line of business. In short, it is a device that locates, diagnoses and reports the condition of a trailer with a simple and quick installation, and with maximum guarantees.


T-VOD (Telematics Vehicle Onboard Diagnostics). Combined telematic and diagnostic unit on-board for commercial vehicles, which allows to locate and perform diagnostics sessions remotely. Connected to the diagnostic socket (OBD connector), the system can interact with the Control Units (ECU) present in the vehicle and request relevant data from different systems without the need to go through the workshop.

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